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Consequence of Failure

Triple Bottom Line

Our CoF Analysis helps utilities prioritize those assets whose failure would have a large impact on the community. CoF is quantified using a triple bottom line approach: Economic costs to a utility, Social costs to a community, and Environmental impacts.

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  • shape arrow direct costs

    Direct Costs

    • Repair costs
    • Loss of revenue
    • Staff salaries
  • shape arrow indirect costs

    Indirect Costs

    • Traffic disruptions
    • Business disruptions
    • Other

Direct and Indirect Costs

The triple bottom line approach encompasses both direct costs, which are paid by the water utility, and indirect costs, which are borne by the customers served in the event of a failure. While direct costs are easier to quantify and track for a utility, indirect costs are just as important and often have significant secondary impacts to the bottom line of the utility or its consumers.

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Our Approach

CoF is the expected loss from damage caused by a possible failure of an asset. To truly assess the impact of failures on key community stakeholders such as hospitals, schools, and businesses, we run a rigorous hydraulic model criticality analysis to determine critical service areas.

Combined with data augmentation from our asset database, pureAnalytics properly models and quantifies the amount of damage incurred by potential failure on a continuous scale. We use a continuous scale for COF to avoid confining the magnitude of one COF value relative to another.

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    Quantitative not Qualitative

    pureAnalytics creates a quantifiable framework that allows a utility to decipher which assets are more important than others based on a relatable scale. The quantified approach uses a continuous, limitless scale driven by data and statistics. A qualitative approach uses subjective rankings or scores for each asset, which leaves the results vulnerable to range compression, law of large numbers, and human nature.

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    Prioritizing Assets

    To account for variability, our CoF Analysis uses hydraulic modeling as its core component in order to relate the simulation to real world dynamics. Individual pipeline assets are tiered into four consequence criteria tiers based on a utility’s sensitivity to failures. Each tier has a common management strategy and can be customized to a utility’s preference to make asset management plans easy and clear to prioritize.​

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    Decision Support

    The CoF Analysis results are delivered graphically and geospatially via the pureAnalytics Pipe Failure Analysis web app. The web app helps utility managers recognize their highest impact assets and focus on locations where future failures could have the greatest impact. Our web application allows fast and easy viewing and analysis and supports integration with other business applications or decision models.

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Why Choose Us?

Our success is defined by the strength of the partnership between our teams and exceeding your expectations while improving on what matters most – delivery of safe, clean drinking water to your customers.

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