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Integrity Planning

Plan with Actionable Intelligence

We offer a System Integrity Plan that serves as a strategic asset management framework for your utility. Once implemented,our plan drive stactics to reduce likelihood of pipeline failures while maximizing the efficiency of operating and capital expenditures.

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Integrity Plan

Physical condition of pipelines should be known or reliably estimated prior to recommending any risk mitigation techniques so you can make informed decisions when managing your assets. Integrity Plans require input from utility stakeholders to determine feasible and prudent methodologies based on constraints such as:

  • budget

  • schedule

  • risk tolerance

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Our Approach

The objective is to increase pipeline reliability in order to reduce the number of unplanned outages due to failures. Integrity plans can range from very detailed and cutting edge to basic and utilitarian, but always provide a comprehensive strategy to proactively manage their system.

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    Unique Plan

    Utilities manage large inventories of distribution and transmissions mains, and every system varies so significantly that no two Integrity Plans are alike. Through decades of experience developing integrity plans for utilities, our team of engineers and data scientists works with each utility to customize a plan for unique system dynamics and available data.

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    pureAnalytics is using it’s decades of experience in the condition assessment field to help utilities properly draft integrity plans realistic to the problems that the real word can produce. Depending on the utility’s preference, pureAnalytics can develop contingent integrity plans based on different budgetary or time constraints.

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    Utility Driven

    Our Integrity Plans are technology agnostic. How a utility wants to solve a problem is up to their discretion, preference, past successes, and experience. Utility managers can make their own tactical decisions based on the analysis provide in the Integrity Plan to help them own the solution process and not just follow it.

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Why Choose Us?

Our success is defined by the strength of the partnership between our teams and exceeding your expectations while improving on what matters most – delivery of safe, clean drinking water to your customers.

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