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Quantitative Risk Analysis

A Holistic View
of Pipe Failure

pureAnalytics Quantitative Risk Analysis combines PoF and CoF to create a complete assessment for all assets in a water system. This creates a level playing field to properly prioritize assets for any utility’s operations, capital improvement, and asset management programs.

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Risk Analysis

Once PoF and CoF have been calculated, our Risk Analysis groups assets according to their quantified CoF values, then further refines the priority in each group or “tier” by the quantified PoF. This shifts the focus on assets with very low failure tolerance first and foremost.

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Our Approach

Our advanced software intelligence tools can analyze and “proofread” system and inventory data to provide key data gathering insights. With decades of water sector planning experience, our team helps you identify what data is most important and develops a plan for closing critical data gaps that delivers the most impact to managing your risk.

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    Reducing Risk

    pureAnalytics uses an interactive business intelligence web application to provide critical tools to understand system risk dynamics. Through our asset intelligence interface, we help utilities drill down and understand which assets have the highest consequence and probability of failure to help you be ready.

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    Impact vs. Probability

    Our risk approach helps utility managers understand what assets pose the greatest liability and possibility to fail. For example, an asset supplying water to a hospital with a low probability of failure could have greater risk compared to an asset serving a rural area with a high probability of failure.

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    Proper Prioritization

    pureAnalytics works with utilities to understand their risk sensitivity and help develop parameters for categorizing pipelines by their combined risk score. By prioritizing assets, a utility can begin to understand what pipelines are in need for risk mitigation techniques, i.e. inspection, repair, or replacement.

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Why Choose Us?

Our success is defined by the strength of the partnership between our teams and exceeding your expectations while improving on what matters most – delivery of safe, clean drinking water to your customers.

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