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Risk Return on Investment Analysis

Actionable Decision Framework

RROI details the return in risk reduction for each dollar spent on specific mitigation strategies. It focuses utility investments on those assets most likely to fail and where failures bring about unacceptable consequences.

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Multi-Objective Approach

Using a multi-objective approach, both the total cost and expected probability of failure after applying mitigation (post PoF) are targeted for optimal reduction for every proposed mitigation dollar spent. Mitigation strategies include:

  • replacement

  • rehabilitation

  • integrity evaluation

  • do nothing

  • and other

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Invest Where
It Matters Most

Repair and maintenance costs are localized, and detailed inspection and replacement costs available to each individual utility are considered. RROI shifts focus towards assets with very low tolerance for failure first and foremost.

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  • A Better Approach to Planning image

    A Better Approach to Planning

    Seeking lower overall risk of failure is one of the most defensible approaches to allocate precious resources. RROI provides utility managers a high-level budget optimization and a data-driven way to balance operations and maintenance budgets with capital improvement budgets, while also factoring tolerance for failure and available mitigation strategies.​

  • PUnderstanding the Value of Proactive Practices

    Understanding the Value of Proactive Practices

    Quantifying the value of risk mitigation practices can be difficult. pureAnalytics leverages our asset management experience to help quantify the impacts of various risk mitigation practices. RROI provides utilities objective, rock-solid justification for their capital improvement and asset management programs in order to provide the highest level of service and most affordable water into the future.

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Our success is defined by the strength of the partnership between our teams and exceeding your expectations while improving on what matters most – delivery of safe, clean drinking water to your customers.

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