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Remaining Useful Life

Plan Smarter
to Prevent Failures

RUL is a predictive degradation model that combines pipeline inspection results, a global database of pipeline inspections, and statistical modeling techniques to produce a reliable, accurate forecast time to intervention for critical pipeline assets.

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Remaining Useful Life

RUL provides essential information to utility managers about when an asset will require intervention. RUL is typically performed on large, critical pipelines where failure is unacceptable to the utility. RUL produces a distribution of possibilities that pipeline assets will continue to provide reliable service for a period of time.

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Our Approach

pureAnalytics leverages a global “social data network” of decades of pipeline inspection results to augment statistical models to reduce assumptions and therefore reduce uncertainty. For that, we use such data as:

  • pipe age

  • pipe design information

  • the condition of the pipe

    (inspection data)
  • the deteriorated condition at which a predetermined limit state will be exceeded

    (structural evaluation)
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    Improving Your Results

    For pipelines that have not been inspected recently, or those that are being inspected for the first time, pureAnalytics can augment local condition data with our global database for similar pipeline designs from around the country and world. That makes possible an accurate RUL calculation with very low uncertainty.

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    Justify Capital Spending

    RUL analysis helps utility managers justify short-term pipeline inspections and reinspections, as well as long term capital improvement programs through predictive modeling of critical pipeline assets. RUL analysis results provide managers with a clear picture of how soon failure will become highly probable.

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    Not Just a PCCP Solution

    RUL analysis was originally developed in 2012 for electromagnetic (EM) inspection of prestressed concrete cylinder pipe (PCCP). Since then pureAnalytics has developed models and practices for any type of pipe, from plastic to metallic. Each form of RUL requires a different form of direct inspection data.

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